Happy Birthday T

It was my son’s 12th birthday yesterday. I took the day off of work to hang out with him since he was having a sleep-over at his mom’s and leaving for Cancun on Saturday morning, the little jerk. He is so excited. He’s been infatuated with Mexico since he was 3. I have no idea why. He was very excited when Mexico beat France 2 – 0.

For his birthday the two of us hiked up Wire Peak and came down Red Butte. It took us 1:07:00 to the top, which is only a few minutes slower than my normal times when I’m running the first part and pushing through the hike. Weird. We saw a huge snake on the way up. It was not happy that I touched him. ha. We came down by way of Red Butte peak and hung out in the ‘living room’ for a while. Then we ran the last few miles back to the car. Our total time was very fast considering I didn’t stop the clock while chilling in the ‘living room’ for more than 5 minutes. That kid has some legs on him. He is a great hiker.
After that we went and picked up my wife from the university and went to Red Robin to celebrate. Here are some photos from the hike.

Starting out

Coming down from Wire Peak
Standing on top of Red Butte
Lounging in the Living Room
The two boys!
I can’t describe how amazing Tyler is. He is the best big brother in the world, an amazing son, and a good friend. I’m constantly impressed by him. I hope he has a great time in Mexico.

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