Planes, Cliffs, & Automobiles

Words, words words. More words. I flew on a plane. We ran along cliffs and through canyons. We swam in a lake. More words. Enough of words.

I’ll let photos and the video do the talking. The rest is for my own mind.


L to R: Brian, Steve, Me. Standing on the rim of the canyon at Horeseshoe Bend. One of the great natural sites in the country.



Solo shot at Horseshoe Bend



I’m not actually all that good at hand stands. So why do it on the edge of a massive cliff? No idea.



Jenna and Steve running out to our location shoot on the Page Rim Trail.



Steve reliving raceday all over again.



Self-timed shot on the Page Rim trail while everyone else was shooting video.



A little lake-time fun with MVH. Only Steve, MVH, and myself got in the water. It was cold, but so much fun.



My favorite shot of the day. Playing on Waterhole Canyon with Jenna. Slot canyons offer so much diversity for playing, it’s incredible.

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